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There may be several reasons for this; the reason will usually be shown at the bottom of the invoice under "wichtiger Hinweis".

  • We entered the wrong details during the incident response. Please check them on the invoice and send us the correct details.
  • You did not have statutory insurance at the time of the response. After clarifying the issue with your insurance provider, please send us confirmation of your insurance.
  • Certain journeys must be authorised before the vehicle sets off. If the journey has not been authorised, you will receive an invoice from us. We will then need written authorisation from your statutory insurance. If this is not provided, you will have to bear the cost yourself.
  • Journeys for temporary care or moving home are not covered by your statutory insurance. You must pay for these services yourself. It is sometimes worth checking whether the cost is covered under your statutory care insurance.
  • It concerns an accident at school, work or while commuting. In this case, you will need to send us details of the accident insurer, the reference number, and the date that the accident was reported.

The number of kilometres for patient transport is calculated as follows: 

  • from the nearest available emergency station/vehicle location
    • to the deployment location,
    • from there to the destination 
  • and then back to the emergency station.

As the nearest emergency station is not always available, you may receive invoices for different amounts.

During busy periods in particular, an emergency station based further away from the deployment location may be used. 

The usage fees are calculated on the basis of BayRDG (Bavarian law on emergency rescue services).

The decision regarding which emergency vehicle is used is made exclusively by the Joint Emergency Services Control Centre on the basis of the notified information.


Patient transport: a basic flat rate plus an amount for each kilometre driven is calculated. 

Emergency response: a kilometre-independent flat fee per transported patient is calculated.

Deployment of emergency physician: a transport-independent flat fee per transported patient is calculated. 


For privately insured patients, this usage fee does not include the cost of the physician's services. These are billed by the treating physician directly in accordance with the physicians' fee scale (GOÄ).


When deciding who should bear the costs, it is irrelevant who requested the ground-based emergency vehicle or who was responsible for the incident. The costs must always be borne by the recipient of the service or by their insurance provider. 


Calculating the usage fees on a flat-rate basis helps to avoid a cost differential between urban and rural areas, as well as ensuring consistent provision of emergency services and short response times state-wide.

Unfortunately, this is not possible for reasons of data protection. This information must be provided to the emergency personnel for each deployment. You can provide us with this information as the central billing agent. We will then be able to contact you at a later time. 

Please use our contact form and we will send you the requested duplicate invoice by post as soon as possible.


We are not allowed to bill private insurance companies directly. As a privately insured person, you are obliged to pay our invoice yourself in advance. You can then check whether your insurance company will cover the costs.

Mountain rescue/water rescue/DLRG services are billed in addition to those of the land rescue services. If further medical treatment has been provided in an approved practice or hospital, your insurance company may cover the cost under certain circumstances. Please contact your insurance company and show them our invoice.

We are pleased that you are committed to social causes. You thereby make an important contribution to the work of the support organisations. However, being a member does not affect the usage fees. 

You can pay your invoice by bank transfer. Unfortunately it is not possible to pay via credit card or cheque. 

Name of the Bank: Bank fuer Sozialwirtschaft
Address of the Bank: Karlsplatz 10, 80335 Muenchen
IBAN-No.: DE13370205000008833300
Recipient: Zentrale Abrechnungsstelle fuer den Rettungsdienst Bayern GmbH (ZAST GmbH)
Address: Elsenheimerstr. 41, 80687 Muenchen, Germany
Reference: Invoice Number

If the bank transfer still is not possible directly, please inform your bank about the intermediate transfer bank Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg (LBBW), where the payment should be placed vià SOLADEST.

Name of the Bank: Bank fuer Sozialwirtschaft
Address of the Bank: Karlsplatz 10, 80335 Muenchen
Account-No.: 88 33 300